Being a keen Angler for the best part of 50 years I have received many Birthday, Father’s day and Christmas gifts in that time with only a few loosely resembling angling gifts with the exception of the odd piece of requested equipment or gift voucher for the local tackle shop.

After joking about this with angling pals it became clear I was not alone in this scenario. The real problem was there was very little choice for our loved ones to buy, even in the angling stores…it was down to getting a voucher without that personal touch.

And so that is how Manshack was born, the intention to provide a much broader choice for our family and friends to buy from including Novelty items, Homeware, Clothing, Jewellery and more. Our intention is to keep adding new gift ideas and experiences to suit every aspect of angling for men, women and children enjoying this wonderful sport of ours.

Tight lines!

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